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On this page themes of scientific work for 2nd year students actual for this year are presented. You can always choose theme, that corresponds to your interests. If you are interested in some of suggested theme, you can discuss it with scientific adviser. For more detailed information you can ask Nikolay Perov (room 1-30, tel. 939-18-47,



Scientific adviser

  • Experimental methods in magnetism
  • Magnetism in nature
  • Biology and magnetism
  • Magnetic effects
  • New magnetic materials
  • Magnetic nanomaterials

Perov Nikolay

  • Metamaterials

Radkovskaya Anna

  • Magnetic sensors
  • Photonic and magnitophotonic crystals
  • Giant magnetoresistance
  • Anomal and spin Hall effect

Granovskii Alexander

  • Magnitooptic effects
  • Modern magnetic composite materials

Gan'shina Elena

  • Observation metods of domain structures in magnetic materials
  • Magnetooptical effects in ferromagnetic materials
  • Features of magnetic properties of amorphous materials
  • Quantum dimensional effects in thin-film magnetic systems
  • Domain structures and remagnetization processes of amorphous microwires
  • Basics of magnetoelectronic

Shaligina Elena

  • Paramagnetics in alternating magnetic field. Vagnetic susceptibility in alternating magnetic field. Electromagnetic waves in magnetics. Magnetic double-refraction and dichroism.
  • Maxwell equations in medium. Magnitopolarized medium. Linear magnetic double-refraction (Cotton-Muton-Fogt effect)
  • Faraday effect. Magnitooptical Faraday effect.

Kotel'nikova Olga

  • Magnetic fluids, suspensions and polymers
  • Magnitooptical properties of magnetic nanostructures
  • Surface magnetic trasitions
  • Composite materials that change their shape, dimensions and mechanical properties in magnetic field
  • Magnetocontrollable gates and demphers

Nikitin Lev

  • Domain walls in ferromagnetics
  • Surface magnetism

Zubov Viktor

  • Reversible adsobtion and magnetism

Kudakov Andrei

  • Vortex magnetic structures
  • Dynamical properties of vortex magnetic structures
  • Methods of investigation properties of vortex magnetic structures

Shapaeva Tatiana


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